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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Proven Ink Systems

Lumber Industry, Packaging and many more.

Our Thermal Transfer Ribbons are a premium, resin-enhanced line of wax ribbons that have been proven for the Lumber Industry, Packaging Industry and many other industries and applications.


These ink systems are versatile enough to print on a wide variety of label stock and provide superior print capabilities in terms of image definition and crispness while also providing dark, durable images.


Additionally, these ribbon systems provide a scratch and smudge resistant print that can print at high speeds of up to 12 inches per second.


Standard Stock Color: Black.

Ribbon Recommendations

Let our expert staff assist you.

Let our customer service team walk you through the best options for your thermal transfer ribbons.


Based upon your applications and substrates, we can make recommendations to handle your specific needs, directing you to the best choice in our line of wax formulated ribbons that provide the most durability while requiring the least amount of heat for printing.

Easy To Order. Fast to Ship.

Low Minimums.

Ordering Thermal Transfer Ribbons has never been easier!


 All we need is the type of printer you have, which direction the ribbon winds and the size of your print head.


From there, any in-stock ribbon is shipped within 24 hours.


MidSouth Design is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is the largest manufacturer of lumber tags, placards and bundle tags in the United States, having served the lumber industry worldwide for over 40 years.  Additionally, MidSouth continues to provide labeling solutions to the building supply industry for products such as windows and doors.  MidSouth also manufacturers the MidSouth Tagger, a lumber tagger in its 3rd generation of production.

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