In its 3rd generation, the MidSouth Tagger is being used by some of the biggest names in the lumber business.

5 years in the field and in development, we have listened to our customers and made many changes to get to the model and features that you see today.  Some of the features to consider:


  • Rapid - provides high speed and efficient tagging, dramatically increasing productivity.
  • Reliable - built using quality, metal parts.
  • Value Priced - hundred of dollars below our competitors.
  • Easy to Maintain - our maintenance program is easy to follow and supported by on-line video and our full customer service staff.
  • Simple to Operate - with balanced weight and ease of use, there is less operator fatigue.

If you are a lumber supplier that has to provide tagged lumber to your retail customers, our team is here to show you how the MidSouth Tagger can increase your speed, the ease of use our tagger can provide the operator, as well as the ability to run multiple tags with just a few quick changes.

Learn more about the MidSouth Tagger, as we take you through all the features from the operator's perspective in the video below.

Overall we believe we have the best operating and value priced tagger in today's lumber tagger market.  Able to handle any workload with fast application and backed up with our sales and customer service team, the MidSouth Tagger is Rapid, Rugged and Reliable.


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Operator features:


  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Balanced, able to bounce from board to board.
  • Can reload reels with one hand
  • Able to change tag sizes by moving just a pin.

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Complete video overview of maintenance and how to best replace worn parts.


Learn about our best practices to keep your MidSouth Tagger running smoothly.

MidSouth Design is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is the largest manufacturer of lumber tags, placards and bundle tags in the United States, having served the lumber industry worldwide for over 40 years.  Additionally, MidSouth continues to provide labeling solutions to the building supply industry for products such as windows and doors.  MidSouth also manufacturers the MidSouth Tagger, a lumber tagger in its 3rd generation of production.

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