• Available in the 4 common sizes.
  • Printing up to 7 colors using our Unique Ink Systems.
  • Premium Tooling, 100% Slot Extractions.
  • Works in the MidSouth Tagger or any automatic tagger.

Slotted End Tags.

Common 4 Sizes

We require no contracts and have low minimums!

  • We produce the four most common slotted tag sizes used for automatic application, fitting all lumber taggers.
  • .6875" x 1.375", .875" x 2", .875" x 1.375" and

        .875" x 2.75"

  • All tags are produced on rolls with a 3" diameter core.

Printing Options

Up to 7 colors, front & back

We can print up to 7 colors, delivering a dynamic look for your brand. Our custom plates allow for great detail and our ability to print multi-color delivers the "wow factor" your logo deserves.  Ranging from single color logos to the most detailed full color designs, we produce it all.

Unique Ink Systems

Provide extra protection

Our Unique Ink Systems provide extra protection during the chemical wood treating process, making sure that your tag stays looking good and performing well. These proven systems also provide a level of abrasion and UV resistance.


We add this step as part of the production run, making it both cost and time efficient for our customers, as well as providing another level of durability for your tag.

Premium Tooling

100% Slot Extraction

Another important step in producing a quality tag starts with our premium tooling, which allows for complete slot extraction.  We are able to extract 100% of the discarded slot material. There is NO discarded material to jam your tagger or cause mis-feeds.


Also, our slotted tags not only work great in our MidSouth Tagger, but are also compatible for ALL automatic taggers.

MidSouth Design is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is the largest manufacturer of lumber tags, placards and bundle tags in the United States, having served the lumber industry worldwide for over 40 years.  Additionally, MidSouth continues to provide labeling solutions to the building supply industry for products such as windows and doors.  MidSouth also manufacturers the MidSouth Tagger, a lumber tagger in its 3rd generation of production.

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Birmingham, AL  35209-6306

P. 205.251.9447

E. info@midsouthdesign.net