Our Story

Established in 1979, MidSouth Design has been manufacturing self adhesive labels and tags for almost 40 years.

Over the years, we have grown our business by providing labeling solutions for industries such as building supplies and treated and untreated lumber.

Today we are the leading manufacturer of products for the lumber industry in the US.  Additionally, we continue to supply the building and medical fields.

Our Start.

 Established in 1979

MidSouth Design started in 1979 as a manufacturer of food, packaging and grocery labels in a small building in north Birmingham.


Running 3 small flexographic presses as well as offering offset printing and screen printed labels, our focus was providing custom labels to our customers, quickly and with quality printing.

Continued growth, we move again.

With this move into a larger facility, MidSouth Design starts defining more industries that fit within our production pipeline.


The focus of production continues to be on packaging but added are medical labels and the start of lumber products begins.  To handle these industries and provide for future growth, we upgrade all our flexo presses as well as have dedicated presses for the medical and lumber industries.

Our emphasis shifted to the lumber industry in 2000, as we added one of the largest chemical wood treaters in the nation as a key account. Due to this, we phased out screen and off-set printing and begin our focus on flexographic printing.

 2000 - More space + new equipment

A leader in the Lumber Industry.

 2004 - Largest Supplier in North America

By 2004, MidSouth Design becomes a major player in the lumber industry producing end tags, placards and bundle tags making lumber products a center piece of our business.


By 2005, we have become established in the lumber industry to the point we now are a leader in production, supplying the largest lumber companies in North America.

We continue to impact the Lumber Industry.

In 2005, MidSouth develops specific processes and ink systems for use exclusively in producing lumber industry products. Two such industry specific highlights included:

  • Development of two unique ink systems that are able to withstand the chemical treatment processes and provide outdoor fade resistance.
  • Developed a better tooling system to provide 100% material extraction in slotted tag production, providing a major improvement in operation of automatic taggers.

 2005 - Develop new processes and ink systems

The MidSouth Tagger

 2009 - Research and development begins

New location.

In 2009, after our customers asked for a more affordable and user friendly tagger, MidSouth begins the development of the MidSouth Tagger.


From initial R&D, through several prototypes, the 1st generation MidSouth Tagger is released to the public in 2014.


2017, celebrates the the 3rd generation of the MidSouth Tagger, proven in the field, earning the distinction of being "Rugged. Rapid. Reliable."

 2012 - Expanded production floor + climate controlled storage

In 2012, MidSouth Design relocates to a new building with an expanded production floor and dedicated raw material storage.


During this transition, we expand our flexographic press production lines, creating more manufacturing space as well as well as pre- and post-production areas.


MidSouth Tagger production now has dedicated space for parts and service departments as well as increased stock areas.


Expands business capabilities.

 2016 - New Equipment, Dedicated Supply Chain,

Second Production Shift

2016 brought about many changes as MidSouth Design makes a commitment to expand it's operating capabilities.  Some of these major changes were:


  • Addition of a flexographic press for dedicated label production.
  • Developed a dedicated supply chain with 3 months of material on-hand at all times, allowing for greater turnaround and service for our customers, resulting in never having to "order in" product.
  • Addition of second shift to handle business volume.
  • Added our Express Lane Program, allowing for a 7 day "express" turnaround on lumber tags production.

MidSouth Design is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is the largest manufacturer of lumber tags, placards and bundle tags in the United States, having served the lumber industry worldwide for over 40 years.  Additionally, MidSouth continues to provide labeling solutions to the building supply industry for products such as windows and doors.  MidSouth also manufactures the MidSouth Tagger, a lumber tagger in its 3rd generation of production.

109 Citation Court

Birmingham, AL  35209-6306

P. 205.251.9447

E. info@midsouthdesign.net

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