Bundle Tags.

  • Thermal Transfer Printed.
  • Customer Printed with your Logo or Blank.
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes.
  • Your source for Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

Bundle Tags

Custom Printed & Thermal Transfer Printed

With many sizes - both width and length - to choose from, we can handle any of your thermal transfer bundle tag needs.  From providing you with blank rolls or produce with  your custom information, we can deliver top quality thermal tansfer rolls for your on-site thermal transfer printing needs. .


Made with quality, durable material and shipped to you within 10 business days.


Custom Design and Layout

Bundle tags come in as many sizes and shapes as there are applications by our customers. Some allow for "write on" information. Some are scanned using a barcode or QR code. Others simply mark a grade of wood as it is being processed.


All custom designed bundle tags are printed on our top grade material using our rich pigment inks.


Learn more about our Premium Material, Standard and Custom Inks and Quality Printing.

Many sizes and shapes to choose from.


Common or Custom Sizes. Bar or Notch option.

We print them or you print them.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Whatever your needs, we can produce a quality Thermal Transfer Bundle Tag in many sizes and with perforations where you need them.


We print the black timing bar or the most common "notch" versions allowing you to print on-site "as needed".


Learn more about Thermal Transfer Printing and our specific ribbons proven out for the Lumber Industry.


Printed with Timing Mark or Die Cut

Black Bar or Common/Custom Notch Tooling.

We can produce most any size or to any spec, whether you use a black bar timing mark for your thermal transfer printing or a die cut, notch system.


We have many common dies available at no charge to our customers and can provide custom die cut bundle tag rolls for use in your thermal transfer printer.


Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Proven Ribbons for the Lumber Industry

Our top selling ribbon for the Lumber Industry is scratch and smudge resistant as well as outdoor resistant. The unique ink formulation allows for crisp printing producing dense and durable images, proven for the lumber industry.


We also can:

  • Make ribbon recommendations based upon your applications, matching the best ribbon to your substrate.
  • Provide case pricing with 1 day processing on in-stock ribbons.


For more information on Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

MidSouth Design is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is the largest manufacturer of lumber tags, placards and bundle tags in the United States, having served the lumber industry worldwide for over 40 years.  Additionally, MidSouth continues to provide labeling solutions to the building supply industry for products such as windows and doors.  MidSouth also manufacturers the MidSouth Tagger, a lumber tagger in its 3rd generation of production.

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