Midsouth Design currently supplies the tag and label needs of more than 20 of the top 25 (in sales) lumber treating companies in the U.S. We have earned the business of these companies by being mindful of the pricing requirements of the industry, by emphasizing product quality and by providing outstanding customer service and turnaround times.

We know the requirements of lumber tags, and have developed products capable of holding up under the harsh conditions of pressure treated lumber production and distribution systems. Below are the basic characteristics and properties of all Midsouth lumber tags..

Midsouth’s lumber tag properties:

  • Tags withstand harsh chemical preservatives – product identification is maintained during treatment.
  • Raw material withstands an external environment, including UV exposure, up to six months.
  • Raw material performs at highway speeds up to 70 MPH without staples tearing the tags.
  • The most commonly used, automatically applied tag sizes are provided with no tooling charge:
    • 7/8” X 2.75”
    • 7/8” X 2”
    • 11/16” X 1 3/8”
  • Unlimited size options for manually applied tags
  • Placards for bundled lumber also withstand chemical preservatives and open-container shipment at highway speeds.

Our turnaround time is unmatched

We understand that your ship dates cannot be missed – and we do not miss them. (Actually, we’ve missed one ship date in the past four years.) We understand the demands our customers face in fulfilling orders from their customers -- not only in time but also the importance of accurate pricing (bar codes).

Because of our commitment to the above, some of our most loyal and content customers are those with the most complex business as they require their vendors to change directions as quickly as they do. This is the only way they can stay competitive in their aggressive marketplace. Midsouth does not disappoint and has consistently delivered in this environment.

All orders are shipped via Federal Express® unless we are advised otherwise by the customer.