At Midsouth Design, promises made are promises kept. 

Midsouth Design, Inc. has been manufacturing self adhesive labels and tags since the 1980's. We have grown our business by providing labeling solutions for building products such as windows, doors and lumber. Our core values are customer service responsiveness and dependability. Simply stated, we do what we say we will do. And we are confident our customers will tell you that at Midsouth “promises made are promises kept.”

Lumber is our target market

We know the requirements of lumber tags, and have developed products capable of fulfilling those needs with quality labeling solutions. Our raw materials possess the properties required of lumber tags (resistance to chemicals, moisture and abrasion and tolerance of the wind shear levels that are common to open-container highway shipments).

More than 20 of the top 25 (in sales) wood treating companies in the U.S. have learned they can depend on Midsouth Design for their lumber tag and label needs. Here’s why:

Pricing – We strive to be a low-cost manufacturer, which allows us to price our products very competitively. Plus, we routinely supply tags for the commonly used automatic applicators, so there is never a charge for dies.

Prompt service on a national basis -- Our daily delivery schedule is outstanding -- we ship repeat orders in 10 days or less, and we do not miss ship dates. We have also established a reputation for responding quickly to customer emergencies. Try us.

Outstanding customer service -- Even in a commodity market our customer service sets us apart and has helped us achieve an enviable position in the treated lumber market. Midsouth’s response to emergency tag orders is unique in this market. Our customers know we will treat their emergency as our emergency, and that we will not let them down.

Relationship – Our customer service representatives are simply outstanding. We hear this routinely from our customers. All orders are acknowledged with the customer in four hours or less.